Flamex - Fire Retarding Paint


STAR FLAMEX FIRE RETARDING PAINT is a positive fire protective for application by brush or spray to combustible and metal surfaces, for Interior or Exterior use. It is Synthetic Base Paint and Ready to use for all surfaces.


  How Product Works:

It helps prevent spread of flame through 'puffing'. When a surface covered by Flamex Fire Paint is exposed to flame, the coating puffs up and forms a thick insulating spongy crust which prevents the penetration of heat to the surface underneath and seals out the oxygen which fire requires to burn. Not only wood is protected from damage due to heat when painted with Flamex, but structural steel which buckles and bends in high temperature, or concrete, or brick or stone which disintegrates under the effects of fire is also protected.



For painting of Combustible materials, Woods, Metal surfaces, Over Coating of Gypswum Boards, False Ceilings, Electric Meter Boards/Cupboards, Switch Boards, Fire Escape Doors, Fire Fighting Equipment Boxes, Cable Carrying Trays, Electrical Cables, Computer Equipment Rooms, Wooden Platforms over Cable Jointing, Platforms near Switch Boards, Wooden Racks in warehouses, Factories, Refineries, Schools, Hospitals, Power Houses Ships, Residential complexes etc.



  1. Clean the surface thoroughly.

  2. Surface should be dry, paint, rust, oil, grease, etc.

  3. Stir the paint thoroughly.

  4. Apply one coat of FLAMEX FIRE RETARDING PAINT.

  5. Allow to dry atleast for 4 to 8 hours.

  6. Apply second coat of FLAMEX FIRE RETARDING PAINT.

  7. The paint can be sprayed or applied by brush.

  8. This being a Quick Drying Paint close the lid of the tin immediately when not in use..

COLOR White or Grey.(Others on request)
THINNER If thinning is necessary use Flamex Thinner.
FINISH Semi-Glossy Hard Finish.
COVERAGE Approximately 10 sq.meter(100 sq.ft) per litre coat.
DRYING  TIME 4 hours
PACKING IN 1, 4 & 20 litre containers.

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