Refrex - Kiln Shell Coating


STAR REFREX is an Air -drying anti-corrosive Coating specially developed for application on the KILN SHELL INSIDE before the refractory bricks are laid. STAR REFREX can resist heat upto 700 deg. C and prevents corrossion even at such high temperature. The use of STAR REFREX prevents metal errosion & hence it stops the reduction of shell metal thickness which increases the life of the Kiln Shell.

Product Data


Brushed & Sprayable Liquid


1.01 gms/cm3


Insoluble in water

Surface Preparation

  1. Surface should be clean, dry from rust, oils, dirt, grease, dust etc.

  2. Refrex must be applied at room temperature


8 to 10 square meter per coat


5 liter cans


Not Required Not Recommended


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