Rubberex - Acid, Alkali, Chemical & Corrosion Resisting Paint




Due to the Climate Condition in India protecting our industrial plants & Machinery from Corrosion & Chemical Fumes involves a great deal of money. To overcome this a suitable coating is needed to save the Valuable Plants and Machinery from Corrosion and Chemical fumes. Star Rubberex Paint is a suitable coating for these type of protection work.

Star Rubberex Paint is based on a highly stable Rubber Hydrocarbon Compound of uniform quality, which gives a highly durable and anti- Corrosive protective coating. It is a Fast Air-Drying Paint thus the coating obtained is of excellent hardness elasticity and free from pores.

Due to Chemical invertness, Star Rubber Paints shields the effects of water, moisture, stream, acid fumes, alkalis, salt vapors and transitory wetting organic solvents on metal surfaces.



Protection from effects of Acid Fumes, industrial Pollution and Corrosion on Steel Structures and pipe lines in Refineries and Petroleum Complexes, Stresses (Kate) of overhead Roofs in sugar and chemical Plants, Suspension Springs of Motor Vehicles, Ship Body from salty sea conditions etc..

Coverage Approximately 10 sq.meter per litre per coat.
Drying Time 30 minutes.
Packing 4 & 20 litre containers.
Colors Light Grey & Black.

  Application Instructions:

  • Clean the surface to be coated thoroughly.

  • Apply Red-Oxide Primer.

  • The Paint must be stirred well before use.

  • Over the Primer, rubber Paint should be applied.

  • 2 Coats of Rubber Paint is recommended.


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