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Heat naturally flows from warm area to cooler areas, regardless of directions. In winter, heat flows from the inside of a building to the outside. This flow of heat can never be stopped completely, but the rate at which it flows can be reduced by using material which have a high resistance to heat flow.

Heat is transferred in three distinct ways, any or all of which may be occuring at any given time!

Conduction - Conduction is the transfer of heat through a solid object. When one part of an object is heated, the molecules within it begins to move faster and more vigorously, when these molecules hit other molecules within the object they cause heat to be transferred through the entire object.

Convection - Convection is the transfer of heat by the movement of a fluid (water, air, etc.) Inside of a wall cavity, air removes heat from a warm interior wall, then circiulates to the colder exterior wall where it loses the heat.

Radiation - Any object will radiate heat to cooler objects around it by giving off "heat waves". This is a direct transfer of heat from one object to another, without heating the air in between. This is the same process in which the Earth receives the heat from Sun or a wood stove supplies heat to its surroundings.

Obviously an important step in the creation of an energy efficient house or building is to control heat loss, which accounts fro 70% of the total energy loss of a home. As was previously stated, heat will flow in any direction where a temperature difference occurs. Therefore all areas which seperates the interior of a house or building from outside or which seperates heated spaces from unheated (or air conditioned) spaces need to have a high resistance to heat flow, in other word, they should be insulated!


  How does insulation work?

Insulation is any material that slows the rate of heat flow from a warm area to a cooler one. The more the rate is slowed, the better the insulative qualities of the material. Its ability to resist heat flow is measured as an R or RSI (metric) value, the higher the R-value, the more the material will resist the flow of heat. In order to be effective, insulation material must be able to reduce the transfer of heat by conduction, convection and radiation, this is determined by both its physical properties and installation.

Conduction - Since conduction is the transfer of heat through solid objects, most insulations contain tiny 'pockets of air. These air pockets reduced the conductive heat loss by minimizing the amount of "solid" material within a wall or ceiling.

Convection - In large air space, such as a wall cavity, large amount of heat can be lost through convection (and radiation) As long as the insulation is carefully installed to completely fill the cavity, there should be no air spaces in which convection heat loss can occur.

Radiation - Most insulation has a cellular structure which blocks the flow of heat by radiation. If the cavity is completely filled with insulation, radiant heat loss through the walls or cells is reduced.



STAR INSULHEAT reduced the insulation demands placed on conventional insulation which may been poorly installed or have deteriorated due to dampness or age. The ability of products such as STAR INSULHEAT to be easily and inexpensively applied to walls and ceilings a in the form of a paint additive which creates a thermal barrier is as superior method for the homeowners to utilize in order to maximize the energy efficiency of a home or building. Upgrading the inner-walls or ceiling insulation in older or poorly insulated building can be an expensive, sometimes impossible task and one which may be too expensive to consider.


  What it does for you:

STAR INSULHEAT is an insulating paint that achieves remarkable energy efficiency through superior insulation.

STAR INSULHEAT works by blocking heat transfer (heat Flow) through the surface that has been painted. The STAR INSULHEAT technology is similar to that which is very successfully used to dessipate heat from the Space Shuttle and other space vehicles upon atmospheric re-entry. The use of STAR INSULHEAT san drastically reduce the energy consumption and cost required for heating and cooling a home, warehouse, metal building, industrial or commercial structure!

STAR INSULHEAT is a insulating paint that works by refracting, reflecting and dessipating radiant heat thus reducing heat build-up and heat transfer through a building walls ceiling, roofs or other coated surface.

What it looks like:

STAR INSULHEAT is mixture of a very complex spheres in a paint media having the appearance of a very mild texture feel to the paint finish but is not noticeable to the eye. If a sprayer is being used for paint application the all screen filters should be removed (see your sprayer manual for texture coating instructions)

STAR INSULHEAT helps to block the transfer of heat outward when applied in paint on interior walls and ceilings and help to block the transfer of heat inward when applied in paint to exterior walls. We recommend doing both!





Works with all types of paints and coating

Walls, roofs, ceilings, ari-conditioning ducts

Help to maintain a more comfortable living environment.

Steam pipes, fitting, Furnaces & Ovens.

Does not change the coverage rate, application or adhesion of paint

Metal building

Resuces heat flow and cooling loss!

Cold storage facilities-walk-in coolers & Freezers.


Mobile & modular homes



Temperature of Coating and other material in Sunlight  
Ambient Temperature of 90F / 32.5C  
Star Insulheat Paint 96F  36C
White Paint 115F 46C
Aluminium Foil 122F 50C
Light Beige 126F 52C
Very Light Grey 131F  55C
Grey Paint 158F 70C
Tar & Gravel 162F 72C
Galbvanised Steel 169F 76C
Aluminium Coating 172F 78C
Terra Cotta Tiles 172F 78C
Black Coating  192F 89C


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