Zincotex - Cold Galvanising Compound


SIT ZINCOTEX COLD GALVANISING COMPOUND is a one components zinc-rich coating based on aromatic hydrocarbons with high content of zinc. Its corresponds to zinc concentration in the dry extract of 96% and to zinc purity of 99.95%


  Performances :

  1. Perfect and long-lasting behavior in confrontation with corrosive actions of the atmosphere, as well in humid, chemically charged, polluted as in salt conditions.

  2. Perfect and extremely long-lasting behavior in constant contact with fresh water. Charged water, sea water (also in permanent immersion), with hydrocarbons, with organic diluters and with several chemical products (pH 5.5 till 12.5)

  3. It should be always applied on clean bare metal surface to get the best result.

  4. This system can also be applied on surfaces, which have previously been treated with a galvanizing system.

  5. Good conductibility and perfect equip-potentially. Perfect result in combination with a cathodic protection system with sacrificial anodes, because it automatically takes over their action.

  6. Anti- fouling action and very good facility to clean sea pollution.

  7. The pre-treated metallic elements can be welded mutually.

  8. Very high resistance to abrasion, the coating can be polished, cross-grained, grooves can be cut into it, (even rather harshly and repeatedly) without deterioration of the system and without loss of efficiency.

  9. It is a perfect substitute for metallisation (zinc spraying) or for hot dip galvanization because of its high zinc content.

  Recommended Use ( Application)

  1. It can be used as primer (with a compatible paint as topcoat) or as finishing coat (on top of a Previous layer) for optimum use in anti-corrosion protection with cathodic protection.

  2. It can be top coated with several types of compatible paints in order to comply with the customers demands.

  3. It performs at its best when used as a single system.

  4. It can be applied in an atmosphere where pH is between 5.5 and 12.5.


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