Oilex - Transformer Oil Resisting Paint


In the electrical Industries we come across many surfaces where painting has been a problem due to oil which comes in contact with painted surface. Wherever the surface. is in contact with oil the normal paint will peel off & the surface will be rusted due to corrosion. To counter this effect STAR PAINT & OIL INDUSTRIES has manufactured a special paint called Oilex Transformer Oil Resisting paint which has no effect of Transformer Oil. It has added advantage of Heat Resisting property which will resist heat upto 200oC.This has been vigorously tested by Laboratories.

COLOR Light Grey
COVERAGE Approximately 10 sq. meters (100 sq. ft.) per litre.
DRYING  TIME 4 to 8 hours
STANDARD PACKING 1 to 4 litre containers.

  Application Instructions:

  1. Clean the surface to be coated thoroughly by sand blasting or wire brushing or by emery paper or sand paper.

  2. Surface should be dry. free from dirt, paint, rust, oil, grease etc.

  3. Oilex paint should be applied over clean bare surface.

  4. No solvents, Thinners or turpentine should be added.

  5. The Paint can be sprayed or applied by new clean brush.

  6. The Paint is Air Drying as well as Stoving.
        - Air Drying: Apply 2 coats of paint at the interval of 4 hours.
        - Stoving: Apply paint by spraying & bake at 120oC. .for 15 to 20 minutes.

  7. After use keep the tin airtight closed.


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