Protocote- Bituman Aluminium Anti - Corrosion Paint for Plant




PROTOCOTE Properly combines the finest 325 mesh Aluminium powder and a modified Bitumen Resin to produce a rich protective coating for metal structures and composition surfaces. This product may be to restore new life to composition surfaces or metal structures and surfaces which have suffered sever weathering and corrosion problems.

PROTOCOTE gives excellent rust & corrosions resisting coating as the vehicle of this product is non organic it is in invaluable in dairies, chemical plants cement plants ,refineries fertilizer complexes & other industries where moisture and chemical laden air not only stimulates fungus growth & corrosive processes but also accelerates them.

PROTOCOTE is principally used on Bitumen or composition surfaces of structures as it tends to replace the oils that have been dried out due to weathering as it has excellent moisture resistant properties. On metal surfaces & structures in plants of various kinds PROTOCOTE reduces corrosion along with other properties this coating gives a Brilliant Aluminium finish thus taking care of the aesthetic value required. This ready mixed finish quickly dries by evaporation to a tough resilient protective film that insures a durable long lasting water repellent film for metal or composition surfaces. Aluminium pigment compounded in PROTOCOTE Bituman Aluminium paint produces brilliant metal surface that gives unexcelled hiding, brilliant color and protection While the Aluminium flakes cover the surfaces others are distributed through the film, einforcing and increasing this strength of the film. The Aluminium protects the vehicle from disintegration due to the destructive actinic rays of the sun. The Aluminum particles combined with vehicle produces a finish impervious to moisture penetration and provides the destructive weathering elements.


  Reduces Internal Temperature:

If any surface is coated with normal Bitumen Black paint it is not only unattractive but it also transmits & absorbs substantial amounts of heat falling on them to the area they cover. However when the surface is coated with PROTOCOTE Bituman Aluminum paint it not only prevents corrosion of the metal & give added life to it. But also reflects 75% of the heat falling on such surfaces due to its highly reflective brilliant finish and interior temperature can be reduced by as much as 15*C to 20*C.


  Application Instruction:

  1. All surfaces should be thoroughly dry and free from dirt loose paint ,oil grease ,Wax etc.

  2. No primer is necessary.

  3. Two coats of PROTOCOTE Bituman Aluminum paint be applied at the interval of at least 6 to 8 hours.

  4. PROTOCOTE can be brushed sprayed, mopped or dipped.

  5. Thinner is generally not required.

  6. Caution: Do not use as a Primer Coat

  7. Not a Suitable for Surface in Direct contact with gasoline.

PACKING 4Ltrs & 20 ltrs
COVERAGE 8 to 9* sq. mt. per lt.(80 to 90 sq.ft)

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