Silvex - Aluminium Paint


We are Paint Manufacturer in India having experience of over 50 years.We have developed SILVER Ready mixed Aluminium Paint for the first time in India with our own talent, know-how & without any foreign collaboration. This Paint has a patented. SILVER is a ready mixed stabilized aluminium paint. It produces a brilliant aluminium finish. It gives the utmost in hiding and protection, with exceptional durability.


Several of the outstanding features of the Silver Ready Mixed Aluminium Paint are listed below:

  1. Ready Mixed , inexpensive , with more surface covered per liter.

  2. Stabilized-does , not darken or tarnish while in storage.

  3. Elastic type vehicle , does not build up or chip off.

  4. Exceptional color brilliance , with no rubbing off.

  5. Ready for instant use-no mixing-no fixing.

  6. Vigorous brushing does not destroy color brilliance.

  7. Greater adhesion on all types of interior surfaces.

  8. Superior hiding with more coverage.

  9. Dries within four to six hours.

  10. Smoother and more uniform color film.

  11. Will withstand greater abrasion.

  12. Stays brighter longer after application.

SILVER is highly recommended for use in all interior and exterior surface, such as Oil and Petroleum storage tanks, pipelines, Rolling Shutters, Terrace Water Tanks and Steel surfaces.


  General Instruction

All Surfaces should be thoroughly dry and free from rust, dirt, loose paint, oil, grease wax, etc. Then apply one coat of Starco Ready Mixed Aluminium Paint, by brush or spray.

Coverage is approximately 20 sq.meter (200 sq.ft) per litre, Standard Packaging available in 4 litres & 20 litres drums


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