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Star Paint & Oil Industries, is established in Mumbai, India, in the year 1941,by Shri Ladhubhai Damji Doshi. Since last 75 years, Star Paint & Oil Industries has pioneered the manufacturing of HEAT RESISTING ALUMINIUM PAINT used in the core industrial products and plants. The company has obviously come a long way since its humble beginning in 1941,when Shri Ladhubhai Damji Doshi, who has conceived an idea of setting up of Indigenous Paint Manufacturing Facility to cater to the need of core sector industries in Indian Market.

Star Paint & Oil Industries, manufactures a wide range of industrial paints, such as:

  • Heat Resisting Aluminum Paint

  • Fire Retarding Paints

  • Chemical Resisting Paints

  • Insulating Varnish

  • Paints for Air Crafts & Helicopters and

  • Other specialized products as per Russian Standards which are used on Defence Air Crafts.


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